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Electra bicycles: cool rides!
Cycling's not the exclusive property of Lycra-clad supermen who ride 30mph or risk life and limb launching themselves off cliffs! If you're more interested in fun, comfort, and appreciate a little style, too, you'll love Electra's bikes. These sweet machines are pure joy to ride and so beautiful and unique you'll be the talk of the neighborhood.
Electra's Pajama Party is as fun as a pillow fight!Casual and cute, Electra's Pajama Party delivers days as fun and social as the nights that inspired the name. Its classic frame features an upright seating position and aluminum construction for a light feel that makes riding luxuriously easy. Plus, as you cruise hill and dale with the hassle-free 3-speed internal shifting, you'll be the envy of every neighborhood thanks to eye-catching P.J. paint job.
Drop by the store today and check out all the different Electra styles and cool paint jobs!